Dentures & Implants

Bradford Dental Implant Options for Dentures and Missing Teeth

Many people wonder what implants have to do with dentures, and its a great question. As we get older, so do our teeth, and the years of tooth decay may have taken their toll on your teeth, or the fear of going to the dentist caused you to avoid or ignore any issues you may have had, and you lost a tooth or two – or several. Implants can not only be a permanent solution for a single tooth, but are also used to stabilize a whole set of dentures, making them considered to be permanent as well.

When there are teeth missing in the mouth, implants are the best and most effective solution to bridge the gap. It can work for one tooth, two or more in the same location, or an entire set of upper and/or lower dentures. When considering a replacement for a missing tooth, many patients opt for a tooth bridge. The problems with this are the bone in the jaw where the teeth used to be begins to deteriorate, and opting for tooth bridge requires that the adjacent teeth be resurfaced in orderĀ  to accommodate the new permanent appliance which is cement to the teeth to span the bridge. A dental implant is the perfect solution to this problem, as the other teeth are left unharmed.

For single teeth, a dental implant is inserted by first drilling a hole into the jaw, and a titanium post (which has been proven to be bone-friendly) is screwed into the bone, then a manufactured tooth (called a crown) is snapped onto the post. This all happens in one session, is painless, and will make your teeth look perfect, while preventing bone decay as your new implant works to maintain the bone under it.

Mini implants are used to secure a full set of dentures. As with a single tooth, the mini-implant are secured into the bone, and the fixed bridge or full denture is fastened to the implants. This requires a minimum of 2-4 implants on the upper or lower jaw to secure the bridge or denture. The end result is comfort. Unlike removable dentures which are quite large to be able to be held in by the gums, permanent dentures feel like natural teeth and do not take as long to get used to, as they do not feel as foreign to you in the mouth.

For both these procedures, there is minimal invasive surgery required, and the healing is very quick as there are no sutures required during the procedure.

Needless top say, dental implants have been one of the most significant advancements in dentistry in the last 30 years. Every year tens of thousands of Canadians opt for this solution, as they inevitably feel better about themselves with a full set of teeth. If you would like a free consultation no-obligation appointment to discuss your options for implants and dentures, contact our Bradford dental clinic by entering your number in the box you see below to connect instantly.